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Leveseon enquiry


Being a young lad in the early 1990’s and knowing the field well I would guess at least 50-60% of small unlicensed tracing agencies acquired illegal data via blagging techniques.  This was due to the lack of known and compliant data sources and the ones that were available usually exceeded the case budget. The Leveson enquiry has shown how experienced investigators have been obtaining information by illegal means for many years.

Previous court cases have shown not only the agent being given custodial sentences, but also the client. We know that compliancy is always key to running a smooth and compliant investigation. We know that, as with most things in life, there are other methods to reach the end goal which sidestep, unlawful data procurement techniques. Everyone involved in our operations has peace of mind that everything undertaken is lawful compliant and licenced, where applicable.

Our investigations have found information from a variety of compliant sources which many people may speculate come from, non-compliant, sources such as criminal history, current address confirmations and banking facilities.

The fact is we are always looking for new sources of information and adding to our arsenal of data resources every day.

We are also aware that in reality things such as bank statements and complete phone bills acquired from networks are usually obtained unlawfully. Be aware there are scrupulous agencies out there offering this kind of information, at the right price, which can end up with the client being on the receiving end of police intervention, or possibly worse, completely made up information!

We can and have found new contact phone numbers and connected / friend phone numbers. We have also found connecting open and ceased banking facilities for clients. We have located properties owned, connected shares, bonds and investments, I could go on and on. All accumulated from compliant and lawful means.

Although we often cannot validate or reveal/ confirm the sources of our information we always ensure accuracy before disclosure.  Having these means is not an inexpensive venture and our resources and data access accumulate substantial annual fees.