Established in 1998. We are an agency of UK private investigator 's,  or, PI's. based in the United Kingdom ( UK ). We work with everyday people who simply have a “NEED TO KNOW”.  Our client-agent relationships have always been close and professional. Our in house investigation experts instinctively know which avenues to take that will suite the clients end goal. Our UK private investigation agents are here to listen to the circumstances, advise courses of action, instigate and direct operations. With a professional team on hand most types of enquiry can be undertaken.


Our offices and retail premises are located in local Surbiton Surrey.


Who we are

Detective Agency have in house data analysis experts who are most proficient in the art of UK people tracingFinding missing people can, on most occasions, be done by one of our in house people finders. These experts hold years of experience in the field of obtaining and reporting on missing individuals.

Tracing missing people

UK Background and criminal offence searches can also be completed by our data analysis team who have the expertise to locate background and criminal offence(s). These are DPA compliant court and and publication searches. WE CAN NOT OFFER CERTIFIED CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS (CRO).

Background checks

Our network of specialist UK private investigators also encompasses technical counter measure experts (TCM) who can undertake sweeps of offices, vehicles homes or any other premises with complete competence and state of the art device location equipment. We also offer weekly monthly or annual contracts sweeps.

We offer high level surveillance experts. Our UK private detectives are trained to deal with a simple follow of a vehicle or individual. To large multiple follows of multiple targets in busy or crowded surroundings. All our surveillance operations are carried out and reported extensively offering the client a full time indexed report of descriptions and encounters witnessed by the our undercover detective. Still and video evidence is also supplied in CD/USB/DVD format.

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Full UK coverage


Forensic analysis can also be carried out quickly and effectively. DNA testing of garments supplied can be laboratory tested, returned and reported.

Technical UK investigations can uncover information from hard drives, PCs, Laptops, mobile phones. Our specialist forensic investigations locate even historic and deleted information.

UK based Detective Agency in house data procurement experts know, instinctively how to progress searches. We offer a single search of an individual covering everything from criminal offence searches, linked addresses and ownerships, appointments, associated companies, County court judgements, media publications, share ownership demographic profiles, approximate equity and worth of owned properties.

Our network of specialist UK private investigators also encompasses licenced, trained close protection and body guards. Team members work closely with the client to offer either a close perimeter with little or no third party contact or wide frame perimeter allowing the client to interact with others. Our agents will offer professional advice on best practice to offer maximum security with minimum encumbrance

Our network holds access to highly trained technical installers who can complete a profesional fit of covert or overt video and audio monitering  equiptment


Counter Measures & bug sweeps

Computer / Device Forensics

DNA analysis

Close protection & bodyguarding

Covert Installations

Intelligence gathering

UK Tenant vetting

Do you need tenants vetted? Detective Agency holds direct access to cutting, state of the art, information and intelligence gathering technology