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Detective Agency also offer high level surveillance experts. Our network of agents are trained to deal with a simple follow of a vehicle or individual. To large multiple follows of multiple targets in busy or crowded surroundings. All our surveillance operations are carried out and reported extensively offering the client a full time indexed report of descriptions and encounters witnessed by the our undercover detective. Still and video evidence is also supplied in CD/USB/DVD format.

Our UK private investigators and surveillance experts have experience in close and distance observations. Often working along side in house operatives, vehicle tracking experts who maybe  monitoring from stations or nearby vehicles. Observation vehicles are simply invisible to the untrained eye and simple close up video and still evidence is easily obtained.

On site or social activities can also be monitored via private investigators who are fitted with high tech monitoring and communications equipment. So even in the pub or the night club agents can gain access monitor and report.

Undercover vehicle follows are undertaken with extreme care. Usually consisting of several vehicles working in conjunction, our agents always  blend in to the background and surroundings.

Foot follows are, again, undertaken with extreme care. usually consisting of foot agents and vehicles on stand-by. to transport surveillance agents and follow any un-predicted or sudden vehicle movement.

We try and keep costs simple. We charge £55 per hour per agent, from and to base. with a 4 hour minimum. we don't charge mileage or expenses unless they are excessive. Call us direct to discuss options and budgets available. Simple visits, drive-by or short period observations can be catered for.

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