Eavesdropping devices are more prevalent than ever before

In the age of technology that we all live in, eavesdropping devices are now cheap, accessible and easy to operate. Many of these devices can work of 3G or 4G and can be used on a one-off basis. The device may be planted left to operate and then discarded once the power source is drained.

More complex devices may tap into a main power supply and burst signal meaning that, every 4,6 or 8 hours the device emits a very short transition of all the data it has gathered over the period. Only to restart again. This can be a 3G, 4G GSM, or many other transmittable frequencies.

As we are all surrounded by electronic devices and transmissions of all types, the possibilities of falling victim of eavesdropping devices is now greater than ever before.

Financial industry has always been a main target and we have dealt with numerous financial corporates over the years. Over the last 10-20 years, due to the easy access, cost effective market and the knowledge that information holds value, we have seen an influx in smaller firms and local businesses being targeted.

Many of our long-standing clientele have regular sweeps conducted 2, 3 or 4 times every year. We know that having a clean bill from a reliable counter measures expert not only reduces the risk of information leakage but also offers peace of mind for new and existing clientele. Should the question come up our clients pass on to their own clients that the risk of an information leaks is minimal.

There are many reasons corporations or companies have the need for TSCM / bug sweeping services. It may be due to a recent breach of information. A recent leaver who is suspect in a data breach, it may be to comply with obligations or simply to sustain confidence with clientele and staff members.